Rex 600 Firewood Processor: Designed for commercial operations, this machine features the efficient multi blade splitting system seen on the Rex 600X and the bigger Rex 900, built into a compact, towable firewood processor. It’s the ultimate combination of efficiency & mobility.

600 X Firewood Processor: For more productivity, the Rex 600 X incorporates the same firewood splitting system as the standard Rex 600, yet features an inbuilt infeed hopper, which holds 3.5 cubic meters of blocked timber. The hopper is filled with blocked firewood with a loader, with the conveyor belt feeding the blocked firewood directly to the operator. The inclusion of the hopper essentially halves labour input

Rex 900 Log Saw: The Rex 900 is considered to be a ‘semi-automatic’ firewood processor. Blocks are loaded into the hopper first. Next they are carried (at a regulated speed) towards the blade by the conveyor underneath. The operator stands between the hopper and the blade, arranging the blocks to feed under the blade at the correct rate. The multi head blade cycles automatically, splitting up to 6 pieces of timber per cycle, which is then carried away for stockpiling (or loading) on the 8m outfeed conveyor.

Rex X Splitter: The Rex X Splitter is a high-volume production wood splitter built to handle all species of Australian hardwood timbers and with the specific goal of producing split firewood for bagging operations. The X blade auto cycles as the blocks move through the blade at predetermined increments. The infeed belt increments can be pre-set to produce large or small wood pieces and also kindling.