Wood merchants & firewood suppliers are the link in the supply chain that depend on enormous efficiencies in order to make a margin on wholesale firewood. We’ve worked with many major wood yards in Australia since the early 2000’s, learning where the opportunities are for increased power & speed & enhanced safety; in addition to understanding the demanding quality standards. We know that the machinery required to produce bulk firewood gets an absolute beating and so it must be built to the highest standard.

Our industry collaboration has led to the development of new innovations - such as the Log Buster the Rex X Splitter. Our ongoing customer relationships have also led to design tweaks made to our processors and log saws to suit each operation. In short, we have genuine expertise in the retail and wholesale firewood industry and can assist operators to achieve the best possible outcomes from their production systems.

See below for a summary of machinery options for bulk processing or download the Rex Brochure >>  Whitlands-Engineering-REX-BROCHURE


Trommel Wood Cleaner: Cleaning the wood in the last step before packaging for bulk retail sale.  The Trommel will efficiently remove all fines (dirt, gravel, wood chips & splinters) through the fine screen and most of the kindling and smaller pieces of wood through the coarse screen. For wood yards this means the wood is cleaner, more saleable and results in more accurate weight measurement. Trommel systems are completely customisable to your yard.

Infeed Hoppers: Infeed hoppers/conveyors can potentially double production by reducing wood handling. The hopper is filled with a loader, which means the operator spends less time away from the splitter. Our standard 4³m hopper feeds timber onto the wood splitter bench for splitting, and is powered by the hydraulics on the wood splitter.

Outfeed Elevators: We manufacture a small range of elevators including a folding 3.6 m elevator which can be retrofitted to the larger Superaxe models. Free standing elevators are available in 6, 9 & 13 meter versions with a range of extras available including power pack, griddle and extra reach chutes.

Log Buster: An innovative solution to splitting large logs lengthways. The concept of splitting large logs is certainly not new but most options are fixed units that require the log being picked up and moved onto the machine. This process is slow, requires enormous amounts of fuel and power and is for many wood yards, not actually worth the effort once the labour is taken into account. The Log Buster instead utilises the mobility, efficiency and simplicity of an excavator, providing safe, quick processing that maximises potential profit.


Rex 800 Log Saw: The smallest  log saw, capable of cutting logs up to 800mm wide. The Rex Log Saw 800 is a fully self-contained unit. The 43 inch straight chain saw bar is hydraulically driven from the 50hp Yanmar diesel. Logs are loaded onto the log deck with a loader, fed into the trough using a hydraulic chain drive system and then fed into the saw head using a unique log pusher system.

Rex 1050 Log Saw: A step up from the 800, this version will cut logs up to 1050mm in diameter. Using the same design as the 800, both of these machines feature  an over specified hydraulic system, and built with off the shelf components (and minimal electronics), the Rex Log Saw will give thousands of hours of trouble free operation. The Rex Log Saw will cut your labour costs, increase productivity and eliminate Work Cover liability.

Rex 650 C Log Saw: The 650 C circular saw performs extremely well on a wide range of logs – especially dirty, dry, bent logs, or those which have various flaws such as rot in the centre. The circular saw will handle logs from 1.5 – 6.5 meters long, and up to 650mm diameter. The 28 tooth x 1.5 meter diameter Tungsten tip blade is driven by a fuel efficient 70hp Yanmar 4TNV98 diesel engine – cycle times have been recorded at 10 – 12 cuts per minute for 400 – 500mm logs.


Rex 600 Firewood Processor: Designed for commercial operations, this machine features the efficient multi blade splitting system seen on the Rex 600X and the bigger Rex 900, built into a compact, towable firewood processor. It’s the ultimate combination of efficiency & mobility.

600 X Firewood Processor: For more productivity, the Rex 600 X incorporates the same firewood splitting system as the standard Rex 600, yet features an inbuilt infeed hopper, which holds 3.5 cubic meters of blocked timber. The hopper is filled with blocked firewood with a loader, with the conveyor belt feeding the blocked firewood directly to the operator. The inclusion of the hopper essentially halves labour input

Rex 900 Log Saw: The Rex 900 is considered to be a ‘semi-automatic’ firewood processor. Blocks are loaded into the hopper first. Next they are carried (at a regulated speed) towards the blade by the conveyor underneath. The operator stands between the hopper and the blade, arranging the blocks to feed under the blade at the correct rate. The multi head blade cycles automatically, splitting up to 6 pieces of timber per cycle, which is then carried away for stockpiling (or loading) on the 8m outfeed conveyor.

Rex X Splitter: The Rex X Splitter is a high-volume production wood splitter built to handle all species of Australian hardwood timbers and with the specific goal of producing split firewood for bagging operations. The X blade auto cycles as the blocks move through the blade at predetermined increments. The infeed belt increments can be pre-set to produce large or small wood pieces and also kindling.