Why Buy Australian


In 2023, Whitlands Engineering is celebrating it’s 30th year of business. It all started with the first Superaxe, built in 1993 – designed by David Burder, who is still the head designer and owner of the company. From humble beginnings, Superaxe transformed the wood splitter industry, earning an unrivalled reputation for innovative design, safety and ease of use. Yet, it is the commitment to quality that really sets these machines apart: the very first Superaxe models built are still in operation, proving that every machine is indeed built tough to suit the challenges of Australian and New Zealand hardwood.


David has a real knack for innovative design and over the years, the range has evolved into a full suite of firewood splitting solutions including the Rex range of saws and processors. From a one-shed workshop in the regional enclave of Whitlands (North East Victoria), Whitlands Engineering has grown to employ over 30 people and expand across three sites.

Each machine is designed with ergonomics & productivity in mind. In the Superaxe range, lifting and bending is minimised by the log lifter and the large work bench at ideal working height enables the operator to work with a straight back – meaning these machines can be used all day without strain. Furthermore, all machines are road towable (if registered) and productive – with fast cycle times across the board.

The Rex range of saws, processors & wood handling accessories have set new standards in the firewood industry for safety and productivity. With units operating across Australia and New Zealand, we work business-to-business to ensure that these machines work reliably & guarantee maximum output for the operators.


It might be ‘old school’ but we still utilise people to manufacture our machines. Many of our staff have been with the company for over 15 years and bring with them genuine expertise in the design and building of our machinery. The quality of the construction is unmatched – each machine is put through a rigorous quality control inspection before it is shipped. These machines are built for a lifetime of use. Wherever possible, the range of machines is built from off-the-shelf components ie. hydraulic pumps, engines, wheels, etc. This means quick and easy repair if something goes wrong.


Whitlands Engineering is still family owned and all sales are direct – meaning there is no distributor involvement. Customers have direct access to David and the team so any issues that arise are solved quickly. Being a small company operating against much larger competitors, we’re proud of our professionalism, expertise and quick response time.

We buy almost 100% of our stock from local suppliers – which pumps millions of dollars into the local industry, and we use local freight companies wherever possible which funnels money into businesses all over Australia and New Zealand.


The smaller horizontal and vertical machines on the market are certainly much cheaper than any machines in the Whitlands Engineering range, and often for good reason. If you’re interested in buying any of these machines, read this first.

  • The majority of these machines are built from low quality components in overseas factories meaning that sourcing parts and claiming on warranties is much less straightforward than with locally manufactured machinery.
  • Machines which are low to the ground, or work on the ground – require lots of bending and lifting and can be extremely inefficient. Not only does the block have to be picked up initially, with every split it has to be picked up again due to the lack bench support for the block.
  • Don’t be fooled by claims of exaggerated splitting force. Whitlands Engineering estimates that 20 ton is more than adequate for even the toughest Australian hardwood. Claims of 40 ton or more often misleading. 
  • Despite high tonnage power claims, often the cycle times are very slow – up to 24 seconds due to the hydraulic power pack being undersized for the hydraulic cylinder used.
  • Most machines are fitted with inferior unbranded engines which do not carry warranty. Whitlands Engineering only uses branded Vanguard or Honda engines – all of which carry a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Importantly, most of these machines do not comply with safety requirements with little or no guarding and non-compliant control systems.
Whitlands Engineering is happy to discuss any of these factors with you if you are considering buying one of these machines. Phone 1800 702 701.