Alongside Australian prodigy Brayden Meyer, Whitlands Engineering has began a sponsorship agreement with 29 year old Shane Jordan, recognised nationally and internationally in the sport of wood chopping. Hailing from the the small NZ town of Stratford, Shane competes throughout New Zealand and all over the world, having been an axeman for twelve years. Shane has already won 6 world titles and also gained 4 second places.

Attending approximately 30 shows throughout New Zealand and the world each year, Shane hopes to become fully professional and chase all the world titles world-wide. Unfortunately wood chopping is a very time consuming and expensive sport, which is why Whitlands Engineering has decided to sponsor him.

The team at Whitlands Engineering actually came across Shane after he expressed interest in purchasing a Rex 600 Firewood Processor.  He and his wife ended up purchasing the unit in September 2014 and this is an account of their decision.

”My wife Loren and I own a small tree business 20mins East of Stratford. We specialise in logging, sawmilling and firewood. This year we have really expanded our business. We purchased a 20 ton excavator set up for trees and general earthworks. Since then we have been producing over 200 cubic metres of milled timber and selling approximately 500 cubic metres of firewood. Demand has been so high for the firewood that it has been difficult to keep up using our small wood splitter. After looking and inquiring about a range of different fire wood processors, we decided to purchase a Rex 600 from Whitlands Engineering.

This machine suited our requirements because of its compact design and efficiency. This easy to use machine has offered us a huge increase in firewood production. We are hoping to produce over 1200 cubic metres of firewood this year, compared to the previous year where we only produced 500 cubic metres. With the efficiency of this machine, we hope to fill the demand needs of our local towns. This fire wood processor is ideal to have on site when logging to utilise the off cut logs at the end of each working day. This also helps with clearing unwanted debris and keeping the forestry jobs cleaner with less waste material being left behind”

Whitlands Engineering looks forward to supporting Shane on his mission to conquer the wood chopping world and watch this space for more updates.

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