Trommel Wood Cleaner

About Trommel Wood Cleaner

The Trommel is designed as an add on to a bulk processing system. Cleaning the wood in the last step before packaging for bulk retail sale.  The Trommel will efficiently remove all fines (dirt, gravel, wood chips & splinters) through the fine screen and most of the kindling and smaller pieces of wood through the coarse screen. For wood yards this means the wood is cleaner, more saleable and results in more accurate weight measurement. With a constantly loaded infeed hopper, the capacity of this machine is estimated in excess of 60m3 per hour. Talk with our team about customising a trommel to suit your requirements.

The Complete System ‘Trommel with the lot’
3.5 cubic meter Infeed conveyor
3.2 m x 1.2 m trommel drum
6m Rubbish Conveyor
9.6 m Outfeed Conveyor
All mounted on a dual axle mobile chassis

The Trommel can be customised to an existing firewood handling system, or it can be combined as a hopper/trommel or hopper/trommel/elevator configuration for maximum efficiency. A complete system is as outlined has an estimated output capacity of 60m3 per hour.

Trommel Options

Trommel Drum Options
Trommel Drum – proven extra heavy duty construction 2.5m or 3.2m long, 1.2m diameter
Choice of single or two grade cleaning
Choice of gaps (20mm > < 60mm) between trommel bars to best suit your application
(Fines, dirt, grit, kindling )
Variable Speed hydraulic drive – runs on 4 solid wheels in a self-contained frame with side guarding

3.5 m3 Infeed Hopper Specifications
Controlled bulk feed into trommel drum
Hydraulic drive variable speed moving floor

Mounting Configurations/Chassis
Static System: Height Adjustable, 4 or 6 Leg Stand – ideal for cleaning and loading directly into delivery vehicles

Mobile System
Mounted on a single or dual axle chassis – Ideal for working in large wood yard operation to clean and stockpile fire wood or to load directly to delivery vehicles. Standard hydraulic leg jacks for easy set up on larger units

Outfeed Elevator
6MT or 9.5 m long, with rough top belt
Swings 5 m  side to side (minimum 12 degrees elevation; maximum 30 degrees)
Hand winch (6 m) or hydraulic winch (9.5 m) to raise and lower

Transfer Conveyors
4m and 6m options with crescent moon belts to remove waste and/or kindling away from machine and for easy collection into bulk bags or bins

Power Packs
13Hp and 18Hp Petrol
Or 24Hp 3 cylinder Yanmar Diesel
All with multi-function valving and detents where required


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