Whitlands Engineering receives letters regularly from our customers who love their machines- read below for a few examples. And if you have feedback – let us know, we’re always interested to hear it.

What does World Champion Axeman David Foster, winner of 183 world titles and who has chopped more wood than most of us,  think about Superaxe? “My Superaxe has made our wood splitting task easier, faster and much more enjoyable. Its safety features, performance and reliability are second to none. I wish I had one twenty years ago” David Foster

Mark – Blue Mountains “I picked up the unit the other day, and I have never seen an item packed as cleverly and securely as that unit. Job well done. Then I attached the wood splitter to my tractor and tried it on some green gnarly iron bark about 30 inches in diameter and it split like a bloody walnut! I would have no problems endorsing the quality and power of the unit”

We received this letter recently from a happy customer in Somerton Victoria – 
“Dear sir,
We purchased a WS150 on April 26th
I have three complaints:
1. I should have bought one forty years earlier and saved myself years of hard labour and at least 10 Cyclone block splitter handles
2. The machine does not have a light on it so I have to knock off when it gets dark
3. The machine does not have a roof on it so I have to knock off when it rains”

David had this to say recently:

…My new unit is now ready to go!

Thank you again for your above-and-beyond customer service. If ever you want a reference contact for a satisfied customer, let me know. Not only has your service been exemplary but your product is the best there is. And a real Australian company, doing real manufacturing. Im looking forward to lots of years of usage with this now my second Superaxe

Andy recently had this to say about his second Superaxe purchase:
“Very safe and good unit, I like the fast cycle times and the log lifter is excellent. It’s very easy to tow around and it’s very easy on my back. The build quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”
Glenn from Picton Hire had this to say recently
“We purchased a WS150 Superaxe approx 8 years ago for our rental company .
Over that period of time the machine would have been hired out almost a thousand times .
Not once have we had a breakdown or a complaint from a customer .
This would have to be the best investment return item of equipment we own , and it still works as good as the day it arrived . Very pleased to have just placed an order for an additional unit”


Terry Buchanan – Brisbane: “I haven’t had so much pleasure working in the wood heap before. I look forward to splitting the wood now. Reckon at 69 years I’ve earned it”.

Cyril – Apollo Bay: “It’s a very well engineered and built piece of Australian Machinery. It’s great on my back, no more bullocking heavy blocks”

Des – Erica: “I was most impressed because of the way the operator stands to operate the machine – Good posture.”

Ken – Yarra Junction: “Did two days solid and you should see the grin on my face!”

Tony – Gippsland: “Superb machine, easy to use, easy on the back. One cannot improve on something which is already excellent.”

Noel – Alexandra:   “The finish and presentation are excellent. The Superaxe is easy to use, our daughter is quite an expert now. The spare block is looking bare, I don’t think any tree is safe around the place.”

Neil – Cann River:   “I feel the easy operation and operating height makes it a pleasure to operate the machine”

Ron – Casino:  “Seemed like a lot of money to outlay initially, but after five days going, our backs and our wives love it and think it is money well spent.”

Rowan – Coleambally:  “Superaxe has increased our productivity with its speed and reduced waste through being able to split out rotted wood, giving us a better product (fire wood) to sell.”

Kevin – Kojonup: “My sons and I used our Superaxe again recently and agreed it is one of the best investments we have made, wouldn’t use anything else now.”