A saw designed specifically to handle uneven & dirty logs, this log saw can cut up to 150 cubic meters of logs into blocks per day.


The 650 C circular saw performs extremely well on a wide range of logs – especially dirty, dry, bent logs, or those which have various flaws such as rot in the centre. The circular saw will handle logs from 1.5 – 6.5 meters long, and up to 650mm diameter. The 28 tooth x 1.5 meter diameter Tungsten tip blade is driven by a fuel efficient 70hp Yanmar 4TNV98 diesel engine – cycle times have been recorded at 10 – 12 cuts per minute for 400 – 500mm logs.


Logs are loaded onto the log deck with a loader, fed into the trough using a hydraulic chain drive system and then fed into the saw head using a unique log pusher system. An increment system ensures even block length and blocked timber is carried away by the 5m conveyor for splitting or stockpiling. Importantly, the operator’s working environment is safe, as they are well clear of the saw zone. his model is available in two options: wide & regular trough. The wide trough model can effectively handle multiple small logs/sleeper backs up to 4m long, and incorporates a double log clamp & high back log pusher. The regular trough model will handle single logs from 1.5 – 6.5 meters long, and up to 650mm diameter. Designed & built in Australia using very heavy duty construction, quality engine & hydraulic components, this machine will give many years of productive, trouble free service.


Built to order in Australia


The WS150 features robust construction, a large work bench and a 150kg capacity cable operated log lifter. The innovative double handed control system ensure


50hp Deutz, 3 cylinder air-oil cooled diesel engine with 60 litre tank. All engines backed by comprehensive manufacturers warranty


Large ‘live’ log deck with 3 chains. Includes log stop/roll and log deck lift features. The operator’s working environment is safe, as they are well clear of the cutting bar.


Sawdust chute makes collection simple


5 meters, designed to feed blocks directly into a Rex Firewood Processor, load trucks or stockpile


Australian made heavy duty construction with minimal maintenance required. Six month commercial warranty on frame. All other parts covered by own manufacturers warranty


Since 1993, Whitlands Engineering has been designing and building legendary firewood machinery. From humble beginnings, Superaxe transformed the wood splitter industry, earning an unrivalled reputation for innovative design, safety and ease of use. Still family owned, over the last 30 years our company has grown to employ over 30 people and manufacture a whole range of options from the smallest Superaxe to the most powerful Log Saw. Every machine is built from the ground up in our north-east Victorian workshop by a highly skilled workforce. Many of our staff have been with the company for decades and bring with them genuine expertise in the design and building of our machinery. The quality of the construction is unmatched – these machines are built for a lifetime of use. Furthermore, we build every machine to order and only sell direct, meaning that our customer support team is on hand to assist with any product or technical enquiries. We go to great lengths to source from Australian suppliers, contribute to our local community and provide a positive work environment for our staff and their families. We’re extremely proud of what we do and what we build…

Support Australian made – we do!


  • PRODUCTION POSSIBILITY: One operator is capable of processing in excess of 150 cubic meters cubic of logs per day (guide only).
  • CAPACITY NARROW TROUGH: Will cut logs up to 650mm diameter, 1.5 – 6.5 meters long.
  • CAPACITY WIDE TROUGH: Multiple small logs up to 4 meters long
  • ENGINE: 70 hp Yanmar 4TNV98 diesel engine
  • BLADE: 28 tooth x 1520mm diameter tungsten tip blade. Simple 240 V ‘on saw’ sharpening system.
  • BLOCK INCREMENT SYSTEM: Increment system ensures consistent block length
  • FUEL: 60 litre tank.
  • ENGINE WARRANTY: All engines backed by comprehensive manufacturers warranty
  • CONTROLS: Simple hydraulic controls with minimal electronics
  • SYSTEM: Large volume unstressed hydraulic system
  • PUMPS: Quality cast iron Permco pumps
  • SAW MOTOR: Quality bent axis saw drive motor
  • LOG DECK: Large ‘live’ log deck (2.2 meters deep) with 3 chains includes log stop/roll and log deck lift features
  • OUTFEED BLOCK CONVEYOR: 5 meters, designed to feed blocks directly into a Rex Firewood Processor, load trucks or stockpile
  • BUILT TO LAST: Proven heavy duty construction with minimal maintenance required.
  • EASE OF USE: Safe and easy to use with low noise output.
  • MOBILTY: Fully self contained &  yard towable.
  • WARRANTY: Six month commercial warranty on frame, all other parts covered by own manufactures warranty
  • MAINTENANCE: 240 V electric blade sharpener is supplied with the machine. Otherwise, standard machinery maintenance is required
  • SAWDUST: Shute contains and collects sawdust.
  • TRAVEL DIMENSONS: Weight 6000kg / Height 3.6m / Width 2.4m / Length 8m
  • WORKING DIMENSONS: Weight 6000kg/ Height 3.6m / Width 4.6m / Length 13m
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Highly productive and efficient with minimal labour requirements.
  • CONTROLS: Simple controls with minimal electronics.
  • OPERATOR SAFETY: Operator works comfortably & safely sitting at a console. 
  • SAFETY COMMUNICATION: All machines come with a detailed operator manual which includes operator training, maintenance recommendations & risk assessment.
  • READY TO ORDER? Please contact us to order a machine. Your machine will be built to order. We require payment before the machine is collected or freighted.
  • FREIGHT: Through a network of freight depots Whitlands Engineering can organise economical freight to most places. We will advise & quote to your requirements when the order is confirmed.
  • FINANCE: If you need finance please contact us, we can make a recommendation based on your requirements.