Whitlands Engineering designs and builds a small range of elevators, infeed hoppers and wood cleaners to further enhance efficiency in bulk firewood production – see below for details.


Load your wood directly into your truck or trailer and save double handling. This 3.6m Elevator fits to all Superaxe modes and WS3150 & WS4150 Aussie Chopper models. The elevator will reach up to 3 meters and folds for travelling. It utilises a manual winch mechanism to fold and unfold elevator and set up takes only a few minutes. Also ideal for stockpiling6, 9.5 & 13 meter free standing elevators give more height and allow for easy positioning – with the 9.5m & 13.5m models able to load high sided trucks. There are options to power the elevator by a 6hp engine or by the hydraulics on the wood splitter. Units are yard tow-able.


The 3.6 meter fold out elevator on a WS400 Superaxe

3.6 m elevator folded for traveling

3.6 m elevator folded for traveling (on WS4150 Aussie  Chopper)


Available in various sizes, free standing elevators allow flexibility in wood handing

OPTIONS Available on all models

  • 6hp Honda/Subaru Power Pack makes elevator self contained
  • Sargent Stripe belt
  • Griddle & Tray (Sorts out fines and rubbish from wood)
  • Larger Hopper
  • Extra reach chute
  • 2 pc construction of main frame – for economical freight
  • Radial stack option only available on 13m
Length 6.0 meter 9.5 meter 13.0 meter
Tray Width 420/620 620 620
Height @ 15° 2100 3000 4000
Height @ 30° 3300 5000 7000
Axle Width 1500 2400 3800
Belt Type Rough Top Rough Top Rough Top
Construction 2.0mm sheet 3.0mm sheet/35□ RHS 3.0mm sheet/40□ RHS
Hopper Std Std Std
Wheels 155 – 13 185 – 14 185 – 14
Retractable hitch 50mm ball Std Std Std
Elevator Lift Hand Winch Hand or Elec Winch Elec or Hyd Winch
Hyd Motor drive 250cc std 400cc std 400cc H.Duty

Free standing 6.0 meter elevator


Infeed hoppers/conveyors can potentially double production by reducing wood handling. The hopper is filled with a loader, which means the operator spends less time away from the splitter. This 4³m hopper feeds timber onto the wood splitter bench for splitting, and is powered by the hydraulics on the wood splitter.

Infeed Hopper

An infeed hopper feeding blocks into a WS4150 Aussie Chopper

Infeed Hopper

Infeed hopper with 4 cubic meter capacity