The only machine of its kind, the revolutionary Rex 900 Firewood Processor is an incredibly fast and efficient system of splitting firewood for commercial operations. The Rex 900 guarantees very high output with very low overheads.
Designed and built in Australia, the Rex 900 has a proven reputation for good design, efficiency & reliability. Powered by a fuel efficient Deutz engine, the Rex 900 will split and load up to 15m3 of the toughest Australian hardwood per hour, with only one operator.Download the Rex Firewood Brochure PDF


PRODUCTION POSSIBILITIES: One operator can produce up to 120m3 of split firewood per day! That’s 600m3 per week!


The Rex 900 features an over specified hydraulic system, built with off the shelf components (and no electronics). Since the first prototype in 2003 it has earned a reputation with over 60 units in use across Australia and New Zealand – many with thousands of hours of trouble free operation. Look at the features:

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia. Whitlands Engineering only uses quality components sourced through reputable local distributors and manufactures. All machines are built from scratch in our workshop in north east Victoria.
  • Only one operator required for full production of up to  15m3 per hour
  • Easy and safe to operate
  • Excellent sample of split wood
  • Tried and proven splitting principle
  • Work Cover compliant
  • 8 meter elevator with rough top belt
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Minimal maintenance
  • 6 months commercial warranty
  • 2 years engine warranty
The Rex 900 in action! Pictures shows the hopper on the right, splitting head in the centre and out feed elevator on the right

The Rex 900 in action! Picture shows the hopper on the right, splitting head in the centre and out feed elevator on the left – with griddle underneath.

REX 900 Thumbnail

The splitting head on the Rex 900


  • Maximum block size: 900 diameter x 400 high
  • Large capacity hopper holds up to 4m3 of blocked timber
  • 8m elevator with griddle to remove fines – swings 6m from side to side for efficient truck loading or stock piling
  • Automatic cycling of blade & block feed
  • Average 5 second cycle
  • 5″ Ram / 3″ rod
  • 48hp Deutz diesel engine (fuel efficiency 3 L/ph)
  • 350L Hydraulic Oil Tank
  • Dimensions: L8800 (16.5 w elevator ); W2350; H3000
  • Weight: 5000kg