As the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of firewood processing equipment, Whitlands Engineering is at the forefront of safety innovation. In April 2009, NSW Workcover introduced new legislation regarding wood splitter design and operation, effectively increasing the liability of manufactures and hirers in the case of operator injury.

Whitlands Engineering took part in the process, and in response to the new regulations introduced the double handed controls in the Superaxe range. These modifications involve innovative new hand control mechanisms which keep hands away from the cycling blade. This system has revolutionised the safety benchmark of wood splitters and has achieved full compliance to Workcover regulations. Whitlands Engineering are confident that the Superaxe wood splitters are not only the most productive, ergonomic and robust machines on the market – but they are now the safest.


For the first time in Australia, a set of legislative guidelines were drawn up in regard to the design and use of wood splitters. Work Cover NSW funded the research and development of this document in an effort to reduce wood splitter related injuries and provide incentive to manufactures to make their machines safer.

The document outlines the risks associated with using hydraulic wood splitters, and provides recommendations for manufactures to build safer machinery. These guidelines however are voluntary and  so it is up to the manufacturer to choose to adhere to them or not.


Whitlands Engineering is dedicated to designing and building safe machines, and have taken the Work Cover recommendations very seriously. Every machine is the range is fully compliant to the Work Cover guidelines.

Whitlands Engineering redesigned the controls to comply to a ‘zero risk’ system whereby both hands must be on the controls for the axe to move. On the smaller machines, this system is a single hand control, as the axe moves slower.

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