Introducing the next project from David & Jared Burder – designers for Whitlands Engineering – “The Rex Log Buster”

After a lot of research and discussion with participants in the firewood industries in both Australia and New Zealand we found there was a gap in their ability to handle and process the UGLY logs that are accumulated as the result of logging and firewood operations.

The UGLY logs are generally too big and narly to worry about or are dealt with by workers hanging off the end of the biggest available chainsaws. A long arduous task, breaking these logs down to a handleable size and able to then be reworked with smaller type firewood processors.

Loosely based along the lines of the very successful SUPERAXE wood splitters, Whitlands Engineering have designed and built their first “REX LOG BUSTER” able to split ugly logs up to 3 meters long and 1.5 meters plus in diameter.

Designed to be operated from the cab of a 20 ton plus excavator, the log buster can produce up to 90 tons of splitting force and the blade has a travel speed of about 100mm per second, the full travel distance through a 3-meter log being about 30 seconds. In most cases the log will have broken apart long before the full splitting stroke has been reached.

Initial field tests, shown on the linked video footage, show the Log Buster breaking up ugly Red Gum and Yellow Box logs up to 1.2 meters in diameter. It handled the job with ease and processed the eleven logs in approximately 20 minutes. The yard operator of this firewood business seemed very pleased not having to do the hard yards from the end of his chain saw.

If you would like to discuss the new Rex Log Buster, please call Whitlands Engineering on 1800 702 701 (AU) or on 0800 702 701 from New Zealand.


September 2018

To support farmers facing significant drought in NSW, Whitlands Engineering offered to pledge $5 for every $1 that our staff donated to the drought relief fund. After a week of fundraising, the total came to just under $6000 – and we sent off the cheque feeling really proud of the staff and the business. We chose the ‘Buy a Bale’ charity to donate to and a few weeks later we we’re really chuffed when this article popped up on Facebook with a emotional thank you from the Buy a Bale organising committee and others involved…

Unbelievably this load of hay has so generously been paid for by the amazing team at Whitlands Engineering. This company makes the very popular Superaxe products which Luke Purcell has owned one as his pride and joy for as long as l can remember and it is still going strong and has saved him so many back breaking hours hand splitting firewood. This company isn’t large but is known for having a huge heart which is evident by what they have done here. This has saved stocks lives which in turn will help the farmers get by and is such good quality that it will fatten the livestock and keep them going for quite sometime. The farmer was beside himself when we spoke to him today and words can’t describe how grateful he is.  Thank you so much Whitlands Engineering, this is just so incredible and l know how much it means to these guys. You truly are these guys saviours at this time 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

See the whole post here

We’re proud to support our farmers and will keep fundraising to help those in need.


For more information, see the Wood Handling page

April 2015

Part of the work we do here at Whitlands Engineering is designing and building innovative solutions for the firewood industry – which is exactly how the new Trommel Wood Cleaner came to be. After a request from a wood-yard owner, David set about designing a machine which would clean the split timber of dirt, debris and kindling.

The Trommel is designed as an add on to a bulk processing system – cleaning the wood in the last step before packaging for retail sale.  The Trommel will efficiently remove all fines (dirt, gravel, wood chips & splinters) through the fine screen and most of the kindling and smaller pieces of wood through the coarse screen. For wood yards this means the wood is cleaner, more saleable and results in more accurate weight measurement. The capacity of this machine is estimated at 25 – 30 cubic meters per hour.

The Trommel is available as a separate unit which fits into an existing firewood handling system, or it can be combined in a hopper/elevator or hopper/trommel/elevator configuration for maximum efficiency.


March 2015

Rex 650c Circular Firewood Docking Saw

The original Rex Log Saw 1050 model – first released in 2005, featured a chainsaw cutting system suitable for cutting logs up to 1050mm in diameter. In 2011 a smaller chainsaw model was added – The Rex Log Saw 800. After a year in R&D the new circular saw now completes the trio of options available to firewood businesses.

The new circular saw performs extremely well on a wide range of logs – especially dirty, dry, bent logs, or those which have various flaws such as rot in the centre. The circular saw will handle logs from 1.5 – 6.5 meters long, and up to 650mm diameter. The 28 tooth x 1.5 meter diameter Tungsten tip blade is driven by a fuel efficient 70hp Yanmar 4TNV98 diesel engine – cycle times so far on the first release are 10 – 12 cuts per minute for 400 – 500mm logs.

Designed & built in Australia using very heavy duty construction and quality engine & hydraulic components, this machine will give many years of productive trouble free service. Whitlands Engineering has been at the forefront of bulk firewood processing system design since 2002 and this new circular saw completes the ultimate package available for firewood businesses looking to take it to the next level.

See the video below or see more details and photos here


September 2014

Alongside Australian prodigy Brayden Meyer, Whitlands Engineering has began a sponsorship agreement with 29 year old Shane Jordan, recognised nationally and internationally in the sport of wood chopping. Hailing from the the small NZ town of Stratford, Shane competes throughout New Zealand and all over the world, having been an axeman for twelve years. Shane has already won 6 world titles and also gained 4 second places.

Attending approximately 30 shows throughout New Zealand and the world each year, Shane hopes to become fully professional and chase all the world titles world-wide. Unfortunately wood chopping is a very time consuming and expensive sport, which is why Whitlands Engineering has decided to sponsor him.

The team at Whitlands Engineering actually came across Shane after he expressed interest in purchasing a Rex 600 Firewood Processor.  He and his wife ended up purchasing the unit in September 2014 and this is an account of their decision.

”My wife Loren and I own a small tree business 20mins East of Stratford. We specialise in logging, sawmilling and firewood. This year we have really expanded our business. We purchased a 20 ton excavator set up for trees and general earthworks. Since then we have been producing over 200 cubic metres of milled timber and selling approximately 500 cubic metres of firewood. Demand has been so high for the firewood that it has been difficult to keep up using our small wood splitter. After looking and inquiring about a range of different fire wood processors, we decided to purchase a Rex 600 from Whitlands Engineering.

This machine suited our requirements because of its compact design and efficiency. This easy to use machine has offered us a huge increase in firewood production. We are hoping to produce over 1200 cubic metres of firewood this year, compared to the previous year where we only produced 500 cubic metres. With the efficiency of this machine, we hope to fill the demand needs of our local towns. This fire wood processor is ideal to have on site when logging to utilise the off cut logs at the end of each working day. This also helps with clearing unwanted debris and keeping the forestry jobs cleaner with less waste material being left behind”

Whitlands Engineering looks forward to supporting Shane on his mission to conquer the wood chopping world and watch this space for more updates.


February 2014

We’ve got two great apprentices working at Whitlands currently – Ryan and Caleb. Caleb, in his second year now and Ryan, who started at the end of 2013. Apprentiships provide young people with a valuable skills & experience, bring new ideas into the business and keep the older guys on their toes in the workshop!

We’d like to extend a huge congratulations to Ryan as last week he won ‘Outstanding 1st year apprentice’ in his category: Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication Trade. Awesome job!


September 2013

The V8 Chainsaw has finally been finished and is being demonstrated at field days around the country. What a ripper! This video has almost reached 1.2 million views over the last 5 months so thanks for your support! Please note this machine is a one-off and we have no plans to manufacture any more. Enjoy the video and make sure to share it around!


June 2013

Whitlands Engineering is proud to announce the sponsorship of Brayden Meyer – a 17 wood chopping prodigy from Broadford – who recently returned from the Royal Sydney show with a swag of titles to add to his already impressive list.

Brayden is to date one of the most successful competitors in the country – and at just 14 placed fourth in the world championship. At the upcoming 2013 Royal Melbourne Show he will be presented with the Victorian Champions of Champions title. He’ll be the youngest competitor to receive this title.

Whitlands Engineering sees sponsorship of sportsmen such as Brayden as an opportunity to help talented people reach their potential. Operations manager Tony says ‘it’s part of our commitment to try and give back to the community. To be able to help someone like Brayden who is dedicated to the sport is a real privilege – we get a real kick out of seeing him return home with an armful of trophies!’

Brayden is currently working as an apprentice arbourist, but has his sights set on the international circuit. His Dad says “He’s been a natural since he’s picked up an axe, when he was eight or nine, he used to have the technique straight off the cuff and he’s one of the best juniors, if not, the best junior going around in the country.”

So keep an eye out for Brayden and his Superaxe jacket at your next wood chop. We’ll be there cheering him on and will watch keenly as he starts to take on the world one title at a time!


May 2013


April 2013

We’re almost through the busy Summer /Autumn period of 2013 and things are only getting busier! We’re excited to announce our 3700th machine is being built as we speak. Over the last 19 years we’ve celebrated many milestones – and it seemed not so long ago we were chinking beers over the 3000th machine. Roughly speaking, we’ve built almost 2900 Superaxe’s, 720 Aussie Choppers, 55 of the Rex 900’s and 30 Rex 600’s. And we’re pretty proud to say that many of the first Superaxe’s are still in action – minus a little paint of course! And if you’ve got an early model – send us a pic, we’d love to see what condition it’s in

A huge thanks to everyone of our customers and supporters over the years, we’ll let you know when we get to 4000!