Whitlands Engineering is proud to announce the sponsorship of Brayden Meyer – a 17 wood chopping prodigy from Broadford – who recently returned from the Royal Sydney show with a swag of titles to add to his already impressive list.

Brayden is to date one of the most successful competitors in the country – and at just 14 placed fourth in the world championship. At the upcoming 2013 Royal Melbourne Show he will be presented with the Victorian Champions of Champions title. He’ll be the youngest competitor to receive this title.

Whitlands Engineering sees sponsorship of sportsmen such as Brayden as an opportunity to help talented people reach their potential. Operations manager Tony says ‘it’s part of our commitment to try and give back to the community. To be able to help someone like Brayden who is dedicated to the sport is a real privilege – we get a real kick out of seeing him return home with an armful of trophies!’

Brayden is currently working as an apprentice arbourist, but has his sights set on the international circuit. His Dad says “He’s been a natural since he’s picked up an axe, when he was eight or nine, he used to have the technique straight off the cuff and he’s one of the best juniors, if not, the best junior going around in the country.”

So keep an eye out for Brayden and his Superaxe jacket at your next wood chop. We’ll be there cheering him on and will watch keenly as he starts to take on the world one title at a time!

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