In April 2009 NSW Workcover introduced a new safety standard in regard to the operation of wood splitters. These new guidelines increase the liability of hire and rental companies & manufacturers if a customer is injured while using a non-compliant wood splitter. 

** Please note: In late 2017 our Aussie Chopper range was rebranded as Superaxe. The model numbers & the specs are the same, just the name has changed**

Glenn from Picton Hire had this to say recently
“We purchased a WS150 approx 8 years ago for our rental company .
Over that period of time the machine would have been hired out almost a thousand times .
Not once have we had a breakdown or a complaint from a customer .
This would have to be the best investment return item of equipment we own , and it still works as good as the day it arrived . Very pleased to have just placed an order for an additional unit”

The WS150 and WS3150 Superaxe models are optioned for the Hire and Rental Industry in Australia. These two models are fully compliant with Work Cover guidelines. The two-handed control system is uncomplicated, safe and easy to use. These ‘ready-for-hire’ machines are supplies with heavy duty mudguards, a heady duty swing up jockey wheel, permanent LED lights, reflectors, base plug mounted at the front of the draw bar and VIN plate. Fleet colours are also available by request. Please note that these models do not include a spare wheel. The new two-handed control system puts these machines into the category of no-risk, meaning that for hire companies – potential liability is virtually eliminated. See more on the Workcover Safety Standard below

Including these reliable, safe and hard working wood splitters in your range is the best thing you can do for your hire business.

The benefits to your business –

  • Australian made and manufactured
  • More dollars earned per hire – a great return on investment
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Completely Work Cover compliant – eliminates public liability insurance problems
  • Your customers will enjoy using the machine, resulting in repeat business
  • Comprehensive manual and induction sheet included with the machine
  • Choice of fleet colours and other options by request

The benefits to the customer –

  • Easy to learn how to use, comprehensive manual and induction sheet supplied
  • Safe to use – with Work Cover compliant 2 handed controls
  • Back-saving block lifter and ideal working bench height
  • Productive and easy to use for any adult
  • Ergonomic design
  • Reliable, fuel-efficient Subaru engines
  • Patented splitting action – 21 tons of splitting force
Superaxe (which was until 2017 branded as ‘Aussie Chopper’) is the preferred wood splitter for hire through Kennards. Click on the logo below to see a list of Kennards hire stores around Australia. Or visit for more details.
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Superaxe is also the preferred wood splitter at Master Hire –

Various Locations in QLD & NSW
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Tel: 1300 107 107

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Choice of 2 models – WS150 and WS3150 Superaxe

  • Reliable EX Series Subaru engine with a 3 year warranty
  • American 2-stage pumps, Australian made ram, double wire hoses
  • LED lights, quality swing up jockey wheel
  • Heavy duty robust construction,
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • 2 year full machine warranty, 3 year warranty on all Subaru engines

Deal with a long established reputable company specialising in firewood processing equipment since 1996


Download the official document here:  wood_splitters_industy_safety_standard_5658

Are the wood splitters in your hire and rental fleet compliant to the new regulations? See the details on page 11 of the document above, and page 16 for the checklist, to see if your current wood splitter inventory is compliant.

If one of your customers injures themselves on a non compliant machine, your company will be liable for their injury – costing your organisation enormous amounts of money – not to mention the negative publicity.

Whitlands Engineering worked alongside Workcover to design a machine that is compliant to the new regulations, therefore eliminating potential liability problems. The Superaxe Hire Range (WS150 & WS3150 models) has been specifically designed to be not only compliant, but productive, easy to use and affordable also. The Superaxe is currently one of the only machines on the market that meets & exceeds the new guidelines. For your hire company, this means that not only are your customers safe, but your company is safe – why would you choose anything else!

For more information on wood splitter safety please call Tony Wilks at Whitlands Engineering 1800 702 701