We’re almost through the busy Summer /Autumn period of 2013 and things are only getting busier! We’re excited to announce our 3700th machine is being built as we speak. Over the last 19 years we’ve celebrated many milestones – and it seemed not so long ago we were chinking beers over the 3000th machine. Roughly speaking, we’ve built almost 2900 Superaxe’s, 720 Aussie Choppers, 55 of the Rex 900’s and 30 Rex 600’s. And we’re pretty proud to say that many of the first Superaxe’s are still in action – minus a little paint of course! And if you’ve got an early model – send us a pic, we’d love to see what condition it’s in

A huge thanks to everyone of our customers and supporters over the years, we’ll let you know when we get to 4000!

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