Whitlands Engineering is Australia’s leading specialist manufacturer of Firewood Processors and Wood Splitters for all commercial, semi-commercial, farm and domestic applications.

As they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions. So when David Burder – CEO of Whitlands Engineering, needed to split 12 tons of timber each year for his home heater, the handy ol’ axe didn’t quite cut it. Uninspired by what was already on the market, it took David almost two years to design what is now known as the Superaxe. 30 years on, David’s company – Whitlands Engineering – has evolved into a specialist designer and manufacturer of firewood processing equipment for domestic – right through to bulk operations. So, whatever you need, chances are Whitlands Engineering has it covered.

The philosophy behind Whitlands Engineering is simple: good design, built to last, efficient and easy to use. All machines are built from scratch onsite at the Whitlands workshop in Northeast Victoria, and use Australian made components wherever possible. David says ‘We choose not to outsource our production internationally because as far as we can see, the reduction in quality is obvious. The trade-off is that is costs more to manufacture here, but at the end of the day we want to employ local people, do the right thing by the local economy and produce genuine Australian made products that we are proud of”.

Whitlands Engineering design and manufacture two ranges of products: The original Superaxe range – which are smaller machines suitable for domestic, farm & hire. For bulk or commercial operations, the Rex range features log saws, trommels and firewood processors. There are also a range of accessories, wood handling and other custom options to ensure maximum productivity.

Whitlands Engineering is proud of its highly skilled workforce and our commitment to continuous manufacturing improvement. Since 1993 the company has progressively grown in size from two employees to a workforce of 30 full-time staff, including two of David’s children. To date, over 4500 units have been sold and Whitlands Engineering is now recognised as one of Australia’s most successful and professionally managed regional manufacturing companies.

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